He led SG-1 through the gate for eight seasons, and helped launch Stargate Atlantis five years ago. Now Richard Dean Anderson is set to bring Jack O'Neill back to Stargate with what sounds like multiple appearances on Stargate Universe.

“Rick is doing episodes of Universe,” series co-creator Brad Wright told GateWorld exclusively today. “He was just here yesterday shooting an episode of Universe with us. So that relationship is always on-going, and it’s good to have him back.”

The show’s fifth episode is currently filming, and is likely one in which Anderson will appear. It’s not clear yet whether this is "Earth" — which was previously indicated to be sixth for the season, and had a hint of O’Neill’s return in the casting documents — or the episode we currently have listed as fifth,"Water", “Earth” certainly makes more sense.

Will Anderson help kick off the show by also appearing in the first episode, as he and Michael Shanks ("Daniel Jackson") did with Atlantis?

Later the same day (today), former Stargate SG-1 co-star Gary Jones ( "Walter Harriman") appeared on stage at Creation Entertainment's official Stargate convention in Vancouver, and told fans that he is appearing in an episode of SGU with Anderson. He noted that General O’Neill will have been promoted to 3-star general for the episode they filmed together.

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